Prayer and Spirituality

Give praise, you servants of the Lord,
O praise the name of the Lord

The Internet is a rich resource for those of you who are interested in pursuing prayer, Bible study or other spiritual matters online. We have identified a few useful resources for you and included links to them here.

Please use this sheet for Silent prayer at home.

Daily Prayer.   The Church of England now publishes a page of prayers appropriate for today and current affairs. But did you know that you can also now read every day’s Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer online?  With thanks to Church House Publishing and The Church of England’s website, we can link you straight through to each service, fully laid out with all the readings for the day. If you’re new to the saying of the daily “offices” as these services are called, then welcome to the “company of voices;” here is

These prayer services are all taken from Common Worship, and we’ve chosen to give you Morning and Evening Prayer in contemporary language, and Night Prayer in traditional language.   

Feeling more contemplative? “It might seem strange to pray at your computer, in front of a screen, especially if there are other people around you,” they say at Sacred Space, but it works surprisingly well, especially if you have less time than you might need to say a full office prayer.

What about a podcast? Or just listening to prayer for today? If you are familiar with MP3 files, then you might already know about Pray As You Go, but if not, have a look here. It has been an amazing success, and has brought a new way of prayer to an extraordinary number of people, as well as having revolutionsed the use of Ignatian prayer for many others. You can just click to listen, download daily prayer in advance, or subscribe for the whole podcast experience.

You’ll find lots more online resources related to prayer at Oremus, as well as a useful online Bible. Bible Gateway is a comprehensive collection of biblical resources including Bibles in many languages and versions.  

From the rising of the sun to its setting
let the name of the Lord be praised