Oh God!

 My dear friends,

How often do we say, or think, these words? They may result from anger, desperation or fear. We do not necessarily speak them reverently – but always with feeling.

For thousands of years women and men like us have been saying, or shouting, or crying these words. Whenever we do so we are expressing our deepest feelings – and God hears us. We may not believe that we are speaking to him but he listens none the less.

God made us, so he cares about us and our problems as well as the difficulties of those around us. When things are really bad we need to know this. We need to speak our minds to him – in pain or in joy.

To speak to God is to pray. This is one of the main things which the Church does. Whenever Christians meet we pray -– for the world as well as for our own homes. At daily masses and at Morning and Evening Prayer this prayer is going on. Every day and all year round our community is being lifted to God. Why not join us? Once a week, or even once a month?

We all pray when we speak with God. We can all pray for one another too. And over the next few months I want us to consider the different ways in which we can pray for one another. But for now I want you to know that if you would like prayer for yourself or for someone dear to you, please ask. We will be glad to do so.

Your friend and vicar,