St John the Evangelist Mission Action Plan

St John's East Dulwich 2


We are a worshiping and witnessing community within the Liberal Catholic tradition of the Church of England.

We affirm the centrality of the Eucharist, with challenging preaching and traditional worship.

We aim to be open and prayerful in our welcome.

We proclaim the Gospel and strive to live out its values in our diverse and growing community through love, understanding and mutual respect.

We reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of this area.

We seek ways to celebrate and include our different backgrounds and gifts.

We are committed to equality and believe that all forms of discrimination are contrary to the truth of Jesus Christ.

We endeavour to respond to the needs of the wider community. We strive to reach out especially to the most vulnerable, and campaign against injustice.


Our Parish: what are the most important characteristics and valued activities within our parish?

We are an extremely diverse congregation, and yet common themes come through very strongly about what we value in our parish community. Our parish worship is centred on a Eucharist every Sunday morning at People value enormously the warm and friendly welcome, the strong Fellowship and feeling of ‘togetherness’ and the strong pastoral care, both from clergy and lay members of the congregation. The warmth of the welcome makes worship at St. John’s open and accessible. People value the style of our liturgy, the music and the preaching – all of which support our spiritual growth as a worshiping community. Our worship runs smoothly and is consistent, enabling everyone to participate. Our work with young people is incredibly important: Sunday School in particular, and the way in which we seek to include young people in the life of the church. The Lent Groups and Bible Study Groups, the Silent Pray Group, Children’s Mass, the Choir all provide ways for different people to become involved in St. John’s, to serve God and our congregation.

Priorities: What are our priorities as a parish community for 2015?

  • Reaching out to our parish and to our local community
  • Working with Young People
  • Spiritual Growth

Please download the full Mission Action Plan for more details