Merry Christmas


My Dear Friends,

“Merry Christmas”, “Happy Christmas”

“Season’s Greetings” even “Yuletide Felicitations”


All these greetings and many more are on our lips or before our eyes this year, as in any other. 

Yet given the darkness of much of this past year in terms of our violence, warfare, and oppression we appear to be drifting far away from the wonder of that first Christmas, about which we sing so hopefully in one carol after another. We can easily feel that, not only does that magic and mystery have nothing to do with us today, but that we have no part or hope in what the birth of Jesus signifies. We feel that we don’t belong in that scene any more than the scene belongs in our present age. We are unsure, unclear, anxious, frustrated and cynical so how can we see ourselves in this event, or have the story confirmed in our daily lives.

We need to remember that at the first Christmas everyone involved was somehow unsure and marginalized. Joseph struggling with his embarrassment, Mary facing her shame was well as her hope, the Wise Men foreigners in an alien land, and the Angels hanging somewhere between earth and heaven.

Christmas can be for you and me a reminder that life may be bleak, but there is light within and that we may feel barren but there is something waiting to be born.

I can’t do better than to end with these words written by an old friend, Lette Heselton, as I wish you every blessing this Christmas and in the New Year.


Your Friend and Vicar                                               

Carol For Christmas

 O light a little candle,

I cannot see the way;

I only hear a Baby

crying in the hay.


 Light a candle for me,

the way is dark and dim

I do not know what I can do

to comfort Him.


I have no frankincense or myrrh

or gold fit for a King;

my light is small and feeble,

I have no gift to bring.


The shepherds saw a bright star

and angels spoke to them,

but I must find my own road

back to Bethlehem.


I kneel beside the manger

upon this Christmas night,

and I have no more need of

the flickering candlelight.


Small he lies and helpless

yet in his eyes I find

a truth that lights for ever

the darkness in mankind.