Getting married in church is a very special event. People choose to get married here at St John’s for many reasons.  St John’s is a beautiful church building and the vows you take here are very meaningful. We will take time to get to know you and your family and to plan the right marriage service for both of you. In addition, we will offer you support and space to prepare and reflect on the married life you will share. In all of this we will seek God’s blessing for your life together.

Marriage is open to those who live in the parish or who have a qualifying connection to the church.  Find out if St John’s is your Parish Church or if you have a qualifying connection.

With our bishop’s permission we can conduct marriages for those who have been married before and with such second marriages we will offer particular support and care in preparation for the big day. If you have children, we can make sure they feel included and involved

If you are getting married elsewhere and need to have you Banns read here at St John’s, please get in touch with the parish administrator.

If you decide that you wish to get married at St John’s, do get in touch with the parish administrator and a member of the clergy will get in touch with you.

Marriage preparations are likely to take six months or more after your initial enquiry.

For more information visit the Church of England weddings site.