Lent Course 2014

Creation, Fall and Redemption

Creation, Fall and Redemption

Lent will soon by upon us, and, as in previous years, St John’s is offering a Lent course for those who would like to reflect more deeply on their faith during this season of renewal.

Our course this year is based on the first three chapters of Genesis and is titled “Creation, Fall and Renewal”. During the course, we will look at the events that led to Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden. We will look at the first account of creation, how the world and life was created in six days, how what God created was created good. We will think about what that means to us and in particular what our responsibilities are to that creation. We will be looking at the second creation story (for there are two) and how this differs from the first, particularly in respect of the relationship of men to women. We will be looking at the temptation story, and thinking about what it means to be tempted ourselves. We will be considering what was sinful about what Adam and Eve did and whether God’s reaction was appropriate. And then in the final week we will be thinking about how Jesus restored the broken relationship between God and humankind on the cross.

The course takes place over four weeks, beginning in the week commencing 17 March. There will be three groups. Two will be meeting on Wednesday evenings and one on Thursday evenings. The groups will begin at 8.00 and finish at 9.30 pm.

If you would like to join a group, please contact us as soon as possible at


Alternatively you can follow the course in your own time by downloading the course booklet via the link below.

Creation, Fall and Redemption