Christian Aid Week



Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency for churches in the UK and Ireland. It works to support sustainable development, eradicate poverty, support civil society, promote services such as healthcare and education, and provide disaster relief in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

This year, Christian Aid Week (10 to 16 May) is focussing on the global climate crisis, and how we can help people living in poverty fight the worst of it every day. From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives. Extreme weather means people are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Our donations could for example help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains arrive, the community has the water they need to live.

You are invited to make a donation to St John’s Christian Aid Collection via this link, by completing a Christian Aid envelope in church, or if you’d rather have an envelope delivered to/collected from your door, then please contact Mary Dawson.

Christian Aid café

We will be serving tea, coffee and cakes after church on Sunday 9 May (weather permitting). In line with current Coronavirus rules, you can sit at tables of up to six people or two households. Waiters will take orders and bring food and drinks to your table, and will follow strict health and safety guidance.

Donations can be made by cash in the envelopes or supplied (no change available) or by contactless payment. All proceeds will be given to Christian Aid.

Jam and chutney sale

Mary will also be holding a virtual jam and chutney sale. If you would like to order a jar, please see the poster for details of what’s on offer and how to contact Mary. Produce can be collected from church or delivered to your door! All money will be going directly to Christian Aid.  

Please note that the preparation and production of all goods is subject to a carefully considered risk assessment, available upon request.