Sunday School

Who is it for?

Sunday school is for children in Primary school, from reception up to the end of year 5.

The aim of Sunday school is to help children learn about the Christian faith in a fun, interesting and engaging manner.

Where and when is it held

Sunday school runs every Sunday (except the first in the month) during school term times (except for Mothering Sunday and Harvest Festival) in the large hall in the Goose Green Centre. Children who come to Sunday school meet in the front rows on the right side of the church before the 10am service starts and make their way together to the hall during the first hymn. They come back into church for communion but remain together in the front rows until the end of the service.

What do we do?

Sunday school sessions start with a prayer, a reading and a short session to explore the reading of the day. This is then reinforced with an activity such as drama, a game or arts and crafts. The Sunday school often produce art work for the church such as the annual parish Christmas card.