St John’s & St Clement’s Primary School

As a Church school, we believe each person is made in the image of God. We strive to reflect the love of God, love of life and love of learning in all that we do.

We endeavour to build our school on our core values of justice, honesty, respect, co-operation and responsibility.

Our aim is to foster the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of all our pupils.  We believe that children need a caring, consistent environment where they are treated with respect and where their well-being is seen as paramount.

We believe that each child should leave school with:

  • a sense of moral and spiritual awareness
  • a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them
  • a love of learning and the desire to achieve high standards
  • a growing ability to relate to and communicate with other people
  • a sense of their citizenship of the school and the wider community.

Working together

At St John’s and St Clement’s we pride ourselves on the diversity of people who make up our school community and we value the varied contributions that everyone can bring to learning. We believe that all children, regardless of race, gender, class or ability, can have high aims and that the school’s task is to help them all work towards achieving their potential.  In order to do this, we will ensure that all areas of the curriculum are suitably resourced in ways that reflect the range of cultures in our school.  We will encourage children to respect each other’s languages, backgrounds and levels of ability or disability.

We will also encourage parents to share their children’s experiences and to offer their own as an aid and encouragement to learning.

Our school is linked to St John the Evangelist, East Dulwich and St Clement with St Peter. All the clergy in the team come into school to lead collective worships. The school also regularly holds school services in both churches.

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St John’s and St Clement’s Primary

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