Junior Servers

Who is it for?

Children aged 8 and over who would like to contribute to the liturgy may become servers. Younger children may start by carrying the incense boat  and older children/ young people are usually acolytes (carrying the candles) or sometimes crucifer (carrying the cross at the front of the procession).

Where and when?

There is a servers rota for Sunday morning services and occasional other services. Servers are expected to arrive half an hour before the service starts and remain after the service for a few minutes to  finish their duties.

What is involved?

In the  half an hour before the start of the service servers  robe  and if an acolyte, light the altar and church candles. The servers must follow the service attentively so they are ready to carry out their duties throughout the service. After the service, acolytes will put out the candles and all servers will put their robes away. Servers will be expected to attend when they are rostered to do so, or arrange to swap with another server.

A senior server will train and supervise junior servers so they know what to do before, during and after the service.