Junior Servers

Who is it for?
For children aged eight and upward. Younger children usually carry the boat of incense.  Older children are acolytes (carrying the candles in procession).

When and Where?
At the 10.00am Mass on Sunday mornings and occasionally for any special services.

The Sunday morning service starts at 10.00am and usually finishes around 11.15am.  Servers need to arrive by 9.30am in order to put on their robes and light the candles without undue haste.

Who runs the team?
Our Sacristan prepares the Servers’ Rota. One of our Senior Servers trains and supervises the young servers. 

What is expected of me as a parent/carer?

  • Parents/carers should ensure that their child arrives in good time, ideally at 9.30am to give them sufficient time to robe and light candles.
  • If, for any reason, your child cannot serve on a particular Sunday, you should arrange to swap with another child and mark the change on the master copy of the rota which is in the Sacristy.  If you are unable to arrange a swap, please inform the Senior Server who will arrange one for you.

What is expected of my child?

  • It is important that your child arrives half an hour before the service (usually 9.30am).  Once robed, both acolytes are expected to light the candles in the sanctuary (by the altar) and in the Lady Chapel, moving in a suitable and unhurried manner.
  • Young servers are expected to follow the service and to be attentive so that they are ready to carry out their duties during the service. Throughout the service they are expected to move and behave in an appropriate manner.
  • After the service your child is expected to put out the candles, lit before the service, and to put away their robes tidily before re-joining their family.