Junior Choir

Who is it for?

Currently we have fourteen members of the Choir. They mostly attend local schools; older members are at Secondary Schools, some in Central London.

Boys and girls aged seven and over are very welcome to join the Choir. They need to be good readers and keen to learn to sing with others.

Where and when is it held?

Rehearsals are at 8.45am on the second and fourth Sundays in the month, before singing at the Sung Mass at 10am. On the second Sunday there is also a practice after the service.

What is involved?

Admission of new choristers at the 10am Mass at St John's. 3rd Feb 2015

Admission of new choristers at the 10am Mass at St John’s. 3rd Feb 2015

The junior choir joins the adult choir to sing in the 10am Sung Mass twice a month. They have the opportunity to sing all the hymns, some of the anthems and may , perform small solo parts. The junior choir has an important role in the Christmas Carol concert, holds a small concert in Church in the summer and joins with other choirs for concerts including a trip to Broadstairs every other year with the Beckenham Junior Choir.  Junior choir members, if they wish, can work towards entering Royal School of Church Music awards.


Two members of the Choir are chosen to be Head Choristers to assist the Director of Music in looking after the less experienced children and to see that everything is ready for services. There are also two Deputy Head Choristers.

Ellen's appointment at Deputy Head Chorister in 2015. John

Ellen’s appointment at Deputy Head Chorister in 2015.

Robes are worn: cassock, surplice, ruff and a ribbon. The surplice and ribbon are presented when formal admission takes place after a few months’ preparation. This involves teaching about services, music and the church.

John Webber, our Director of Music, is a very experienced junior choir trainer, and also run Beckenham Junior Choir and Beckenham Youth Voices.

The Parochial Church Council’s Safeguarding policy and procedures (which are available on the website) ensure that the well-being of children in the Junior Choir is always paramount. A member of the adult Choir is designated to be responsible for members of the Junior Choir

The support of parents or carers for their children in the Choir is much valued, especially in ensuring that members are punctual, and that children report, on arrival, to the member of the adult Choir responsible for the children, and that she or he is notified when they are collected after the service, and also in informing the Director of Music if for any reason their child cannot attend.

Membership of the Junior Choir is fun, and provides opportunities to sing with other choirs and to gain awards for singing through the Royal School of Church Music, with which St John’s Choirs are associated.

If your child would like to join the Junior Choir, please email for an application form and return it to the same address; the Director of Music will contact you.