Family Quiet Area

Who is it for?
The Family Quiet Area is for parents/carers and young children (generally under six) who prefer to stay together during Sunday worship and for those moments when children become restless.

Where and when?
It is a resource in the main body of the church (close to the doors to the Centre) to be used by families during the 10 o’clock Mass.

Who runs it?
You do! Unlike Crèche and Sunday School there are no designated activity leaders and, for Child Protection and safety reasons, you must stay with your child at all times.

What is expected of me as a parent/carer?
We ask that you please:
•    escort and stay with your child at all times
•    ensure your child is quiet
•    play with your child
•    keep the area clean and tidy – no one will tidy this area except you!

What is expected of my child?
We hope that your child:
•    will leave noisy toys at home
•    enjoy the atmosphere of the church
•    begin to appreciate the needs of other worshippers.