The Story So Far… 

The Tale of our tumbling spire may be well known to you!  After a fantastic response from members of the congregation as well as friends in the local community and beyond we were able, with the help of English Heritage, to complete the work in amazing time.  And we raised £330,000!!

So many have expressed their appreciation of our lovely and youthful spire that it really does feel as if all the hard work and planning has been worthwhile.

At the time of the danger to the spire, there was already another anxiety.  The electrics of the whole church, mostly installed in the early fifties, were in an advanced state of decay.  A list of five stages of restoration was drawn up and it was clear that, although the spire had to be tackled first, there were other things that needed urgent attention.  

The reality is that we have to find £275,000.

We are blessed in being able to enjoy such a fine building, but there is a price to pay.

Any contribution you feel able to make will be greatly appreciated.

Please help St John’s Restoration Appeal by completing one of the forms available in church and either bring your donation to Mass on a Sunday or send it by post to:

St John’s Restoration Appeal
St John’s Parish Office
Goose Green Centre
62a East Dulwich Road
East Dulwich
SE22 9AT


Thank You