Electoral Roll 2021. If you are not on St John’s current Electoral Roll and wish to
be included please download an application form from our website – please complete
and return the form to the Parish Office. The roll opens on 21 March and will close
on 4 April. The Meeting of Parishoners and APCM will be held on Sunday 25 April.

Easter Flowers. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of extra
flowers in church on Maundy Thursday and Easter Day, please visit our
donate page. If you are a UK taxpayer please download and complete the declaration to
Gift Aid your donation. Thank you.

Special Collections. The PCC will soon decide which charities to support with our Special Cause
Collections during 2021. If you would like to nominate a charity for the PCC to
consider please contact the charities co-ordinator, Joy Taylor, joytaylor@sky.com
before 23 March. Please note: If your charity is selected you will be responsible for
liaising with the charity concerned to arrange appropriate material.

The Bishop’s Lent Call helps each of us to keep a holy and prayerful Lent as we
consider our lives and how we can show our love for God to the world. Please give
generously to support this year’s projects here in the Diocese of Southwark and in
the Holy Land, and our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe. The theme for this year is food

Donations. Please help support the continuing work of St John’s by
making a donation – please use this QR code. If you are a
taxpayer you can increase the value of your gift by 25% by
completing a Gift Aid declaration. Please visit our website. Thank
you for your generosity.