Planned Giving at St John’s

Helping to resource God’s mission in East Dulwich

It is only through each of us responding to God’s love by giving of ourselves and of our money that the mission of the church can continue to grow, here in East Dulwich, throughout the Diocese and in the wider world.

We are very fortunate at St John’s to have a beautiful church to worship in. However that comes with a cost and we depend entirely on those who come through our doors for the upkeep of the building and the work we do.

Money is only one aspect of giving to the church, we each have other gifts that we can bring.  If you would like to offer your time or talents, please speak to a member of the clergy team, a Church Warden or the Stewardship Secretary.

If you are a regular worshipper at St John’s, we strongly encourage you to join our planned giving scheme and commit to giving a certain amount each week or month. This helps us to budget for our income and manage our costs accordingly. Planned giving is best done by setting up a monthly standing order from your bank account. If you would like to give in this way, please contact Martin Howell our Stewardship Secretary who will be pleased to help you.